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July 22, 2015
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July 22, 2015
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Things to keep in mind when you select a PR firm for your startup

Getting PR for your startup is one of the best ways to get yourself out there and increase your customer base but how to do it has baffled many founders. Customers buy from companies make their purchasing decisions based on many different factors, but one of those things is trust, which can be hard to put in a new company that does not have much information out on them.

Companies that garner attention from the press are able to inspire more trust from customers, who will be much more willing to purchase a product from a source reported on by trusted media. Good press also allows you to tell the story of your small business and your mission, as well as establish yourself as an industry leader. You have opportunities for branding, expanding and networking, all in one little package. To make sure you get the correct PR for your company working with a solid PR agency Dubai is crucial.

To select the PR agency that works well with your company keep in mind the following,

Work with the PR firm

PR agencies are only as good as you help them to be. They have to be embedded in your company, armed with information and authority to know what news is coming out and then have time to do something about it or insert your brand into a larger national story. They should be considered a partner, not a consultant, so they have the ability to jump on a story (or create one) in real time. This deep involvement doesn’t happen overnight and takes effort from your company and the agency.

Make sure they fit the purpose

A good thing to remember when vetting a PR agency is that they need to have a different mindset to be effective when operating in the startup space. The needs of a scrappy and growing business are much different than those of a large, well-established company. They should be familiar with the hustle and unique approach needed to capture valuable media traction in a way that is parallel to your brand.

Check on their relationships with journalists

Check whether the agency has one-on-one relationships with journalists. Simply sending the content to editors or journalists will not get your any publicity; the agency needs to really work with them closely.

Choose to fit the purpose

Don’t ask a firm that specializes in working with Fortune 500 companies to work with your startup. Don’t ask a firm that specializes in the energy industry to do your book launch. You want to have a firm that is either a generalist and has wide experiences and successes or a firm that knows your type of company and space well. Additionally, ask for ideas on how they would approach working with you and see how innovative it sounds. With PR, you must have strong angles. If they can’t craft a few, then they are not a good fit.

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