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March 22, 2016
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The Role of PR and Content Marketing


Content marketing is booming and its invaluable presence has made inroads in public relations. Content marketing is vital to PR when it comes to promoting brands of essence. In order to elevate brand perception, content marketing can do wonders. There is a transformational effect to be seen through content marketing on PR efforts.

There is constant chatter that brands as a result of pushing content marketing to the forefront are becoming publishers in their own right. Content marketing has made the importance of brand owned content something to be valued. There are plenty of tactics and tools to promote one’s brand through one’s own content. PR takes on the role of assuming responsibility for this content whether it’s in the form of websites or blogs ensuring content is fresh, unique, up to date and authentic in its facts and figures. Additionally, PR have the task of distributing this content to qualified audiences and target niche groups not just locally, but also nationally and internationally.

A principle to consider when writing content is to think like a consumer does. Ask yourself, if you were the consumer would you click on this particular content? Is this the kind of content you would share? Would this content be sufficient to attract your attention and get you to take the call of action? Content is invaluable to brands and pr agencies have understood the relevance and significance content plays in the world of digital marketing.

Content should also target journalists and editors. Just as important as consumers are to your brand, so are well known editors and journalists. PR agencies should think similarly to that of media counterparts. Well known sales pitch will get the consumer to do exactly as you wish. Replace self serving sales pitches and press releases to offering your audience real stories with substance that hit an emotional nerve or give insight and value to your brand if you want to achieve the success and lasting media relationship your brand has strived for in this day and age.

Content marketing VS PR is that of a pull VS push strategy. PR takes on a push mentality whether it is to take an initiative, launch a new market or product making that final push. Content marketing on the other hand, takes on a pull strategy. It is all about creating a pull for your customer. This is the importance of combining PR and content marketing where the media story can reach audiences well beyond your geographical profile through the pull VS push strategy. The more your brand pops up in places you have not even leaned towards, the more likely it becomes a well earned conversion to your brand.

Social media platforms have certainly taken over the digital marketing world by storm. Content can be distributed through various social media channels and with millions of people engaging on social media nowadays, offering your brand plenty of opportunities to interact and engage with customers in real time.   

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