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How PR can transform a small idea into a big venture
January 30, 2017
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How Public Relations can help make your home-business successful?

PR Agency Dubai
If you’ve started up a home business and it’s just taking off, you might include advertising into the budget, but forget about public relations altogether. Public relations are a cost-effective method to raise awareness and something home-businesses lack. The ignorance of PR can be explained simply. You regularly encounter advertising so it is more familiar, unlike PR which you don’t come across all that often. In most instances, PR is more affordable than advertising, and it’s incredibly useful for your home-business. Home-businesses have a small budget and will stand a higher chance to gain if they choose PR over advertising. Here are some reasons why your home-business should use PR as a tool to the growth of the company.   A consumer perceives a traditional advertisement differently than when they see a product or service marketed by a third party. Usually, when you see an advertisement you know the company wants to sell something. When you see a product or service endorsed by the media your business gains credibility. Home-businesses need to build on credibility when first starting out. This is all taken care of by a PR agency in Dubai. Statistics indicate consumers are likely to purchase a product that has been endorsed than when it appears only as an advertisement. Consistency matters A PR agency offers businesses consistency. Consistent public relations will build general brand visibility. It will supplement advertising and direct marketing efforts. The general consensus on the awareness of products or services, is that your brand appears larger than it really is in the eyes of the consumer. Rank high on search engines If you've used search engines to unearth a product or service, you know your audience will do the same. This is a process you can capitalize on, with the help of your PR firm in Dubai. It may be a broadcast clip, news release or piece of content posted at an online news outlet that will provide your website with valuable links and increase your ranking on leading search engines. Make a connection with your customers Usually, small businesses are unique and have an authentic story to tell. A good PR consultant will know how to tell this story. PR helps your bottom line. It offers substantial benefits compared to plain advertising. People love to hear a good story and the media enjoys putting these stories out. A PR agency in Dubai will help you create this story, write it and sell it. People feel an affinity to stories that have substance. All it takes is a small tug at the heart and you’re in people’s minds. Once consumers have been enraptured by a story they will feel a sense of trust and belonging to your business. This is how home-businesses build on their customer base; it’s all to do with telling the right story, the right way.

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