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October 8, 2016
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October 30, 2016
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PR Maneuvering To Give Your Business The Edge It Needs

SEO and public relations have existed in two separate worlds until very recently. They each provided mutually exclusive benefits. However, businesses have realized the effective impact they can have if these two elements are combined. As algorithms have changed, SEO and public relations have shown us they offer more similarities than differences. Today, the goals we derive from SEO and PR are identical. We aim to obtain earned media. And both aspects require newsworthy content. SEO has evolved with how to present its content. So let's look at ways on how to integrate these two aspects and increase a boost for your company. Companies usually establish expertise through blogs or guests posts. When you are offered a guest post, you must make it work through SEO practices to ensure the anchor texts and links included are presented to benefit your business. Your piece of content should incorporate keywords that will help your article rank in returned results, thereby, taking your site to the top of the result pages as well. SEO and PR can also come together to boost the online reputation of your brand. Social influencers should be reached out regularly. The stronger your social influencers the more likely it will secure and boost future media relationships. First, you need to understand how SEO works. Search engines offer users the most informative, relevant and accurate results. Special crawlers are used to identify the content and if this content qualifies under this criterion it is usually pushed to the top. As much as you may not know the inside workings of algorithms, the goal is to optimize your site for high ranking. This is done by choosing effective keywords ones that you can be confident will rank you on top. This is an ongoing activity. Not something that can be turned on and off. Now, what does any of this have to do with PR? The most obvious fact is it helps generate links from external sites. When the site is authoritative, the links you bring to your site become hallowed. Yes, every business needs links from reputable sites and if your SEO has its weaknesses in this area, you can certainly get your PR experts to counter with its strengths. PR needs to get content published on authoritative sites. This is their job, to go after highly influential sites and request for links. Now, you have combined SEO and PR to work for the good of the business. Some media outlets offer links only through PR maneuverings. When your site can showcase authoritative links, the rankings will improve. And it will generate traffic to your website, which is the ultimate goal of any business. Public relations are all about creating opportunities to give your brand the edge it needs in a highly competitive world. And this is what a PR company aims to do, let your consumer have the accessibility to get as close as they can to your brand!

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