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October 20, 2016
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November 7, 2016
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How PR Is Integrated To SEO To Benefit Your Business

A decade ago, we could work with SEO independently, and not have to incorporate any other marketing strategy into the mix. A dynamic shift has been seen in search engines as a result of algorithm updates that the end result now needs to bring together several components of an otherwise independent marketing strategy. For example, social media needs the involvement of SEO. The same rule applies to PR. For businesses to get the most out of their marketing strategy, combining SEO and PR is the only way to go about it. And the best news is there are more similarities than differences. Creating engaging content happens to be the backbone of SEO and PR. The goal of public relations of any business is to shape the way the public views it. And this can be effectively done through unique and authentic content. Great content is needed to see productive results. When both SEO and PR are combined to create content the same goal is met. When one functions without the other it can lead to unoriginal content or worse, content that is thin. Collaborating will lead to content that is highly informative, share-worthy and 100% original. It is always in the interest of the business to have all departments work towards the same company goal. This means you put your resources together. As both SEO and PR have their own set of weaknesses, combining these two elements mean neutralizing its weakness and utilizing its strength. PR is an excellent way to engage in close and intimate relationships on social media. SEO can be used to form partnerships, attract quality links and get your site ranking on top. When SEO and PR professionals come together, education is key. After all, not every SEO expert knows how PR works and vice versa. PR professionals may not know the kind of impact SEO has on keyword ranking. So here's your opportunity to educate. Get both teams to learn about each other's strengths. Public relations make relationships seem more personal. When advertising for your audience, you have to pin down necessities. At first the audience is anonymous, which means interaction is of utmost importance. As you communicate you start sharing more information. Your audience in return will reciprocate by opening up. When you have the audience in the palm of your hand, this is what gains massive advantage for your business. A loyal audience is what takes your business places. The credibility of your business goes up when a PR company in Dubai is at the helm. People trust public relations and this is the greatest advantage of having a PR company shoulder the responsibility of establishing your brand. And as much as the business needs to be the main conversation had, the great thing about PR is it is all about building relationships. This means veering off topic every now and then is perfectly acceptable.

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