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September 28, 2015
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December 19, 2015
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What makes Be Publicized a successful PR company in Dubai is our love for creating campaigns for successful brands in the ever changing PR industry. We enthusiastically join as a team to provide our clients successful public relations strategies which is probably why we are considered a leading PR company in Dubai as of today. Public Relations are our passion; and we take every single challenge on with will power to learn new skills while educating ourselves on current trends.

For many long years the core purposes of public relations were related to print media (magazines, newspapers etc) and broadcasting media ( TV, Radio etc ). It was a necessity to coordinate with media journalists to set up publicity proposals. Even today, this has remained a key formality within our industry as it forms successful relationships with key media personnel and helps us execute effective public relations strategies.

Corporate communications has been a key function in our field of work. Improving and sustaining a corporate profile is of supreme concern to any business in any industry. We work meticulously with our clients to help create genuineness in corporate character via significant dialogue, through extensive leadership and formulating powerful bonds with internal and external levels.

In addition, as a leading PR company in Dubai, we have access to the very latest international trends, and technology assisting to formulate social strategies that work.
Why we love modern media channels.

Everyone is an expert in social media now. Even your mother is on facebook, twitter and pinterest. No really. We dare you to find out. The ever evolving social media platforms have not only carried successful public relations campaigns, but have created brand awareness amongst masses in UAE and GCC.
We on the other hand have been stimulating conventional thinking in digital media and marketing over the years now and our brilliant team loves working on campaigns every day that are power-driven by social media. We are focused strategic thinkers who detect targeted societies and stake holders (think of the Avengers commitment tohunt Hydra),and then entice them with the right information with relevant content of our clients.

We have successfully managed professional social media assets for businesses, through the likeness of Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, Youtube channels, Linked Inpublic web forums or blogs. We are superheroes at predicting what works and what does not and we guarantee we have (Thor’s) confidence by based on experience to try what others usually would not.

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are a few words to describe how best our social media campaigns have worked. Sharing press releases, current news, events and information on social media has increased web traffic towards the articles and blog posts through viral sharing having focused on a social approach to communicate directly with stakeholders. Nothing better than a great informative post early morning while having your coffee!

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