Our Services


The true value of PR is in raising brand awareness, changing the public perception of your brand and organization through active engagement. In the ever changing media landscape we know that traditional corporate approaches are becoming redundant. Be Publicized leads the way in demonstrating how companies can become focused and relational with their customers and communities. Be Publicized will help you engage and communicate clearly and effectively. Managing the flow of information about your brand and your organization, whether it be an award ceremony, product launch, press day, road show, news release or brand experience, across the UAE or GCC. Be Publicized will leverage a range of Public Relations tools that underpin and reinforce your organization's marketing mix.


Be Publicized specializes in product launches, openings, conference planning, trade-shows, exhibition, meetings, and special events of all sizes for businesses and associations. Our highly trained event professionals will manage everything from site selection and logistics to on-site management and registration, concept, delivery and roll out. You'll have the added value of working with experienced planners from varied backgrounds in the events industry. This ensures that your events will be creative, well organized, and memorable, creating a powerful lasting impression. Our creative concepts will set you apart from all the rest and put you in the spotlight for true engagement.


Expert SEO/SEM consulting and activation delivers optimal solutions to elevate your brand in the digital realm. We will work with you to understand your sales and marketing objectives and budgetary requirements. The aim of SEO engagement is facilitate the highest possible Google rankings so that you are first today, every day, always. Our strategies and our activations have the goal to make the phone ring off the wall with inquiries for your products and services. Our team of experienced consultants, designers and engineers will create SEO and SEM with impact to build long lasting and measurable results.


Our brand managers and designers are dedicated to re-thinking your brand, increasing your market share and improving your bottom line using highly creative and responsive visual solutions. We have specialists in brand strategy, creating powerful yet brilliantly simple well thought out brand messaging and brand positioning. We can assist in recreating corporate identity and standardize corporate DNA with brand identity. We apply award winning graphic design to all your collaterals, creating refreshing ideas that work.


Whether your objective is to introduce new forms of communication across your organization or to improve current communication channels and messaging, Be Publicized are specialists in both internal and external communications, focused on transmitting coherence and credibility. Be Publicized aims to inspire your stakeholders with favorable point-of-view and positive image combined with cohesive messaging. We work with you to build messaging tailored to suit the required target audience. We utilize specialized services across the range of corporate communications including media relations, communications skills transfer, training and mentorship, executive coaching, issues management and crisis communications.


Be Publicized will first help you determine your social media objectives before going on to create and build the social media 'voice' of your organization. We will create, develop, nurture, engage with your on line community on your behalf. We will connect with and grow your community and keep them engaged with strategies that are aligned with your brand and values. We will actively engage in two way communication, uniting your on-line community with messages that are fresh and engaging. Periodic Refresh Strategies allow us to dive even deeper in your brand, reflecting in social media analytics to optimize strategy for future social media connection.


There is no better way to engage with your community and customers than through a well thought out Corporate and Social Responsibility initiatives. We guide your organization towards identifying and implementing corporate and social responsibility at the heart of your organization and its business model. CSR is a vital component in the 'modern' marketing mix, with more and more of the public spotlight being given to those companies who are actively good corporate citizens in the community. It’s not about just giving to charitable causes, but more about positive, meaningful action that is applied in measurable and sustainable activities. It's a guide to what your company and organization stands for and will uphold to its consumers. More and more consumers are focused on sustainability issues and have been known to actively "switch" brands to those with a demonstrable public CSR image.


Do not underestimate the power of the employee. Employees are your internal audience and therefore make up some of your most important internal stakeholders. They share your goals, mission, vision and values-or at least they should! They are the face and voice of your organization. They reflect your organization and much that it stands for. Talented, loyal employees are hard to find and retain in this day and age and your competitors in industry are not afraid to headhunt them. Clear effective internal communication and public relations help foster loyalty, promote empowerment and assist in employee retention. When your organization is seen as a good corporate citizen and a good employer in the community, it is proven that talent is automatically drawn to you.


The more your employees know about your business the more empowered they are to perform. Sharing the communication with your stakeholders and employees is enriching, empowering and has the power to boost accountability and productivity. Once they know about your mission, vision and values they are empowered to lead by example and deliver results. The more you engage with your customers through education and awareness, the more they align with your products and services to build brand loyalty. Engagement through communications such as newsletters for example is a way to deliver key content and messaging in a strategic and measurable way that promotes a call to action.


First impressions are everything and some PR basics never go out of fashion. Spokespeople always need to be prepared to speak strategically, knowledgeably and succinctly and with confidence when they talk to the media. Preparation is required to ensure that messages resonate with target audiences. With such crucial demands, skillful media training is necessary to get the most out of being in the spotlight and interview opportunities. Programs typically address what you should say and how to say it, as well as how your company representatives can subtly stay in control in interview situations. If you are required to speak regularly on behalf of your organization then media training will assist in confidence and make you feel in control.