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July 20, 2016
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August 8, 2016
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Integrate digital marketing into your PR strategy

Designing a PR plan for some may seem daunting at first. But, if you strategize well it can not only grow your brand but improve your profits. Many companies separate their digital marketing strategy with public relations. What works better and to the benefit of these companies is to integrate these two elements. You will see results in the form of your company growing and expanding more than you could have imagined. Set your goals What is the goal you desire to accomplish? This is the first step to starting your PR campaign. Establish relationships In the past building relationships was not as easy as it is today. Traditional models like television, radio or the newspaper were used to spread a message. Generally, this message had just one target audience. Traditional marketing has taken on a new level. It is digitalized and has the potential to reach a greater and wider audience than ever before. If you put together a list of media channels in existence today, you would realize it is rather long. This allows you to not only capture your target audience, but people from all walks of life, ethnicity and background. If you do not have a list, you should start creating one. Relationship building cannot be done overnight. It takes time. But, it is certainly time well worth investing. Focus on content Once you have created your media channels and platforms, you have to pitch your message. You must put together an integrated approach. Start sharing your bit of news on the company blog and website. Slowly and surely, move on to your social media channels like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can also upload an image along with the content. Blend digital marketing and public relations and you will see how far and wide your message will take you. Newsworthy content Your content must be newsworthy. It has to have an impact beyond the usual and generalized pitch everyone seems to throw at their customers. Newsworthy content will resonate better not just with your loyal band of followers but potential customers as well. Content must be unique, fresh and highly original. Get ready Have your support and backup material ready. You should be able to back your claims, whatever they may be. There's nothing worse than putting out a claim but not having sufficient or relevant material to back it up. Supporting your claims will build credibility amongst your followers. All you need are photographs, videos and extra information. Publish your platform As much as digital marketing and PR will take your message around the world, there is no harm in going a step further and advertising yourself. Everyone can write a good line or two nowadays. Take this to your advantage. Write to your target audience so that they get a real feel and sense about you. Share your piece on Facebook or get your Twitter followers to tweet it to their followers. The more incredible your bit of news is, the more likely it will get shared beyond the realm of your target niche group.  

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