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September 8, 2016
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September 26, 2016
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Content Strategy Distribution Using PR


The internet is overcrowded with content these days. The right word to use here is clutter. Everyone is producing content, most of which are unoriginal with only a handful of unique and authentic read ups. If you are the proud owner of a business, how do you ensure your content is seen? What you need is clever distribution. Everyone can write a few words, but how you distribute it is what makes the ultimate difference. What you need is a successful content strategy.

Let's breakdown the facts. First and foremost who is your audience?

Different people access content in different ways. No two people are the same. If an emotionally compelling piece makes one reader cry, it might make another cringe. There are two groups that most people fall into when viewing content. The first group is the spectators. This group of folks will view content passively. It will be a quick glance or a skim through. The content may not have an impact, either positive or negative. These people use social media but mostly to keep in touch with family and friends. They would not go out of the way to like or make a comment.

The second group is made up of commenter. These guys are active, proactive and engage in various social media networks. They comment on anything that catches their attention and actively participates in discussions. These viewers are passionate and enthusiastic about anything related to social media. Their presence on social media is not limited to friends and family. These are folks that engage with people they have never seen or talked to, from different corners of the world.  

Targeting your audience

Your content strategy should fit the audience you are planning to target. Who is your audience segment, what is their online behaviour? Consider the target consumer when producing and distributing content via videos, graphics or any other form of publication. Content should be engaging, unique and aligned to the brand you are promoting. The more people start recognizing your content, the likely they will respond to its message. Brands produce familiar content. We usually know what kind of content is distributed by each brand. It is this familiarity businesses need to achieve. This visibility and recognition will get a loyal following. This is an effective strategy for content to stay on top and be seen by people.

How KPIs can help measure success

Content distribution can be measured using key performance indicator. How would one measure its success on Facebook? The most obvious answer is by likes and comments. However, if your audience happens to fall into the spectator category this success of measure becomes unlikely. The type of measurement you use will differ from one situation to another. Different key performance indicators can be used by businesses that could prove insightful, instead of just sticking to one.

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