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August 23, 2015
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Aspiring to be a PR professional? Here are some of the key skills you are going to need

If you are an aspiring PR person or you want to start a company offering public relations services then read on. Many people are misconceived that public relations is a glamorous job where you can dress up and attend events but it is not so. To achieve success in a career in PR takes lot more than simply having a degree, you need to inculcate certain skills in your personality to achieve this.

Communication skills

This is one of the top skills you need to have or develop if you are looking for a career in PR. You need to be able to speak confidently and listen attentively. A PR professional has to be sensitive to subtle nuances in language and culture because the job will involve communicating with a range of people across different mediums (social media, in person, on the telephone and in writing) across different territories. You will need to be able to appreciate other people's priorities and pressures.

Research skills

In order to communicate or deliver a message concisely you need to be thorough on the subject matter. Research on the client you are working on will help you to better understand their needs. You must keep up-to-speed with current affairs and enjoy learning about new markets. If you are naturally inquisitive, you'll enjoy the research aspect of PR.

Writing skills

You will have to write engaging content for clients or have the ability to proof read what was written by someone else. If you have good writing or editing skills this will help you to do it yourself in case there are no writers available.

International mindset

There has been an increased demand for language skills because of the globalization of business. For instance, a UK client may lack the budget for a large PR programme on the ground in a foreign market, but has an immediate need for engaging content in that language on their website or blog. So the more languages a PR professional has under their belt, the greater their opportunity for international postings and new business.


A career in PR will present you with countless opportunities to be creative, not only in terms of writing, but also in coming up with new ways to promote businesses and approaching new clients. PR is a profession, which constantly calls for fresh ideas and lateral thinking, so having a creative streak can be a crucial skill to bring you to career success.

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