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July 6, 2016
Integrate digital marketing into your PR strategy
July 30, 2016
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3 things you must know about digital marketing and PR

What is digital marketing? And how do you integrate PR into the mix? PR has taken a massive turn in recent years. It is not all about putting out press releases. It is more about finding your target audience and speaking to them directly. It is easier than ever to speak to your target audience than any other time in history. News travels fast and there are hundreds of channels and platforms to do it through. Instead of a single platform, you can use many of these platforms to not just share, but to also connect. What is content marketing? It is to repurpose content and use it as fresh content. For instance, if you have a press release some of the ways you can share it include as a blog post, Slideshare presentation, Pinterest Infographic, Facebook page, LinkedIn news and editorial article in the local newspaper. Share - re-purpose - share again! This is the magic behind digital marketing and public relations. Entrepreneurs can repeat the process; it only takes a few minutes and allows the content to flow along multiple channels. Half of the population would have seen it by the time you are finished. Today's digital marketing is combined whether it is SEO, social media or customer service. Once you have put together your content strategy you must incorporate an element of digital marketing in the form of search engine optimization. SEO needs to integrate into all PR activity. In order to expose your news, search for relevant and appropriate keywords and incorporate it into each piece for maximum impact. The third step to digital marketing is social media. Share your piece of news on social media. Go crazy with it! Learn how to manage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Social media is all about creating and building relationships these days. So dive in! Take advantage of such popular channels and share your content with the rest of the world. You should understand how to use search engines. But do you know the complex behind its function? Search engines are known to collect hordes of information on consumer searches, and their use of mobile devices. As a business owner, this information is invaluable as it lets you gain insight into the minds of your target audience. This allows you to tweak your digital marketing strategy, making it more engaging and relevant. PR is not magic portion. However, in order to carry out a sustained marketing campaign, you must put in a lot of hard work, collaborate and conduct regular reviews. This is what makes a digital marketing combined PR campaign successful. You should have a strategy that combines both these elements, and understand when integrated it works and is more beneficial to you.

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